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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 5, Part I (2016)

A study on consumer brand preference towards table top wet grinder in Coimbatore city

Dr. J Samuel Caeser Pickens, S Revathi
Consumer Behavior refers to the buying behavior of ultimate consumers. Those persons who buy for personal or household use and not for business purposes are called consumers. The efficiency with which a business concerns functions depends on the extent of understanding on consumer and consumer preferences. It is also relevant in case of consumer durables such as Household appliances. In the Indian Scenario both men and women are going for employment not only to meet their financial demand but also to live with comfort. As a result, the needs and wants of the people have increased. The consumer behavior models have helped in giving a framework for studying the buying preferences of the consumers. The changes taking place in their order in view of the fast changes occurring in the Socio-economic environments in all parts of the world. The consumer market consists of all the households and individuals who buy goods and services for their personal use. Consumers differ tremendously in income, educational level, taste and age. So it is necessary for the marketers to divide consumers into so many groups and to develop products or services designed to suit their needs In olden days, marketers had close and direct contact with the consumers which enabled them to understand consumers. But the growths in the size of firms and markets have made it impossible on the part of the marketers to have such a close contact. This necessitated the present day marketing managers to conduct consumer research to have an idea about the behavior of consumers. Our consumer market is growing at a tremendous pace. The changing socio-cultural, political and economic orders have transformed people into sophisticated consumers. The thoughts of consumers have undergone a sea change. Many of the Indian Households are buying a number of consumer durables like pressure cooker, water Heater, Television, Refrigerator, washing Machine, Mixer, Wet Grinder, Fan, Vacuum cleaner to name a few
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Dr. J Samuel Caeser Pickens, S Revathi. A study on consumer brand preference towards table top wet grinder in Coimbatore city. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(5):551-554.
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