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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 6, Part A (2016)

Role of a mother in developing positive attitude towards environment in their wards

Neha Jha
In today’s life where everyone is running to earn their livelihood, fathers have to dedicate most of the quality time to their profession which they should spend with their children. So in that case mothers are the only one who takes care of each and everything related to their child whether it is feeding them, about their studies, about inculcating values for life or something else. Therefore whether a mother works or not after having children but they should be educated. Education makes a person aware of what is happening in the surrounding and develops a sense of self confidence to understand things and to react and work in a proper way in order to accomplish any task. A woman is the strength of the family. A family is like a building and the woman is like the foundation stone. She needs to also learn over a period of time. But if educated, undoubtedly, she will be able to serve better to their family and will be able to understand her children in a far better way which is very important for their holistic development. “Educate a woman, you educate a Nation”. In this paper the author will try to discuss about the attitude towards environment and why mothers should be educated in order to develop proper attitudes and beliefs in their children. The author will also discuss about the factors which mothers should absorb in order to make their children learn about that how to make the surrounding environment safe. By absorbing the factors discussed in the paper, mothers can develop a kind of sensitivity for the surrounding environment in their wards. The author will also emphasize that it is the moral duty of our society to educate each and every girl so that when they become mothers they would be able to transform the retained information in their children. The author will make an attempt to share her views about the still existing mental illness of the society which says that a boy needs to be educated because he has to earn for the family but a girl does not require as she is only going to look after household work after the marriage. But what about the cognitive growth of a girl? Until and unless she does not grow mentally, she will not be able to do the same for her children also. Our society needs to look upon these limitations and should try to do justification with the woman who devotes her complete life for the family and children.
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Neha Jha. Role of a mother in developing positive attitude towards environment in their wards. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(6):30-32.
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