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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 6, Part B (2016)

Superstitions in society and steps to eradicate

Harish R
In this area the word superstition means falsehood and nonsense talks, in the second meaning the word truth, the first word is reality, the word truth means the original being true and antiauthority. But the term is defined as the perception of reality and also it defines on fear of the unknown and faith in magic. It focuses on the most important aspects of the causes of superstition are ignorance, fighting religion, opportunists abuse and ignorant caring with some scientific weaknesses. In the society the number of superstitions are going on with the different issues in the community in the meanwhile we have to take some precaution to eradicate and to give with the suggested remedies like thinking positively, parental guidelines, teacher guidelines, enlightening the campaigns, role of media and developing the scientific attitude, scientific thinking and inculcations of the scientific methods in day to day life, in this way we can overcome from the superstitions in the society to change the life styles of the modern era.
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Harish R. Superstitions in society and steps to eradicate. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(6):77-81.
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