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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 6, Part K (2016)

Value pattern among adolescents: Trends and possibilities

Vinita Verma and Dr. MS Talawar
India is a nation where the population of youth is the highest compare to other countries in the world. Being china the first in the total population, India is having more youth population in the world. India consists of 356 million of youth (10-24 years) i.e. 28% of total population of India. Among that the population of adolescent is 253 million (10-19 years) i.e. 21% of total population of India. Why this age group is very important? Adolescence is a journey from childhood to adulthood. This journey has many ups and downs in an individual’s life. It is a transitional period, in which an individual undergoes many changes like biological, psychological, social, cultural, cognitive, emotional etc. This is a period where the child should be surrounded by the positive thoughts and positive energy. Are we able to give this positivity to the child in today’s world? Every day when we open the newspaper or watch the television we see many people are killed by other people and terrorists, brazenly shoot, women and girls raped. The moral deterioration of young generation is at present a blazing issue. What is the role of parents, school and society in developing positive attitude and beliefs in youngsters of today’s society? The present paper is focused on the present trends of values present in adolescents. A sample of 150 secondary school students was selected by using simple random technique. The findings of study show that the adolescents are giving least priority to health value, which is an alarming sign. Researcher tried to find out the gaps and tried to suggest some possible measures to fill these gaps in context to inculcate the values in adolescents.
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Vinita Verma, Dr. MS Talawar. Value pattern among adolescents: Trends and possibilities. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(6):704-706.
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