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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 6, Part N (2016)

India: spatial patterns of the rural size of household

Avinash K Singh and Mukesh
This paper utilizes district level data on rural size of household in India. The study conducted at the disaggregated level of individual districts and examined the pattern of household in rural area. Size of household is an important element of cultural and biological composition of population. As per 1991, size of household is defined as the A household in the Indian census is a group of persons who commonly live together and would take their meals from a common kitchen unless the exigencies of work prevented them from doing so. A household may comprise of persons related with blood or of unrelated persons or having a mix of both (Census of India, 1991). There is a perpetual relationship between household size and economic status of the region. It depends on rate of birth, death and migration. There are two main objectives of this present paper to study size of household in rural area in India and to find out correlation among size of household, the percentage of children in 0 – 14 age group (r= 0.41) and the percent age of never married persons (r= 0.35). Married females’ number per household is given positive relationship with size of the household (r= 0.48).
The data is computed and calculated average size household and correlation among household size and others variables between by using Spearman’s rank correlation method. As per census 2011, the rural size of household is 4.94 per person per household. However, the analysis shows that there is a strong positive correlation.
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Avinash K Singh, Mukesh. India: spatial patterns of the rural size of household. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(6):912-919.
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