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Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part C (2016)

Understanding Code of Professional Ethics in Teaching

Understanding Code of Professional Ethics in Teaching

Dr. Sonia Anand
Values enable us to discriminate between right and wrong and they are the reflection of one’s personality and outlook towards life. Values and ethics in professional front help us to be responsible, dynamic and a good professional. A code of ethics is a set of guiding principle which is premeditated to set out acceptable behaviors for members of a particular group or a profession. A code of ethics recommends how professionals can pursue their common ideal so that each may do the best possible. The Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession represent a vision of professional practice. At the heart of a strong and effective teaching profession is a commitment to students and their learning. Teachers serve as role models who should recognize that their conduct, both on and off the job, can profoundly have impact on their professional image. Lapses in judgment can have adverse impact on the students, damage teachers’ credibility and erode public trust in schools and the profession. The present scenario in an educational set up is an evidence of how rapidly value crisis and ethical dilemmas are prevailing. Teaching moral values is the dire need for shaping one’s personality and thereby leading towards better inter- relationships among individuals. Although teachers spend most of their time in teaching, sometimes ethical concern issues do crop in. Teachers may face many tough ethical dilemmas and circumstances where an individual’s own moral code is contested with that of colleagues, administrators and the school community. Several evidences are their when teachers and administrators make poor decisions and do not take into reflection on the ethical consideration. Teachers have to face many dilemmas in their teaching career. The paper aims at overcoming value crisis and ethical dilemmas in preparation of student teachers in the training process. Code of Professional Ethics for school teachers is an endeavor to provide direction and guidance to the teachers in enhancing the dignity of their professional work. Researcher has put some ethical dilemmas to student teacher. The purpose of such exercise was to know the ethical sense in student teachers; how they behave in tough situations.
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