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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part E (2016)

A detail comparative study on e- banking VS traditional banking

Sonia Sharma
The e-banking system is a system which makes enable financial institutions customers to perform financial transactions i.e.: account transfers, balance information, bill payments and some of them provide even the probability to build credit card or loan applications on a website operated by the institution by internet at any time or place. The e-banking is also known as interne banking or online banking. The banks have selected to be part of the wide world Web for staying competitive in the rapid changing business world and also to take further benefits. This innovation (achieved by globalization and technology growth) has “obliged” the business entities to remodel and redefine their operations. Electronic banking is the future wave. It offers tremendous advantages to consumers in terms of the cost and ease of transactions. But it also introduces new challenges for country management in regulating and monitoring the financial system and in implementing and designing macroeconomic scheme. In the first section there is a summary of E-banking products and facilities provided world wide web and in Albania as a particular case. In the second section there is a basic summary of the e-banking benefits and drawbacks. In the third section there is an explanation about the characteristics, challenges, benefits and drawbacks of E-Banking versus traditional banking. Finally, there are provided some basic suggestions to be taken in account for maintaining efficient and to further formulate the operating atmosphere for the available and potential e-banks.
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Sonia Sharma. A detail comparative study on e- banking VS traditional banking. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(7):302-307.
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