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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part L (2016)

Phenology of Adhatoda vasica a multifarious useful medicinal plant

Dr. Jaswinder Mehta
In the present study of phenology of Adhatoda Vasica has been done in which definite period, month, season in a year during which its seeds germinate, seedlings grow or show maximum vegetative growth, leaves fall (if it is deciduous), flushing of new leaves, flowering and then fruiting has been studied. Five sites have been selected from in and around Bhopal MP and the study was done and founded that the flowering starts in the month of October around the second week and is sparse. The normal flowering time in the mature bushes is from early September till the end of February. After the plants attain the age of two years the flowering and fruiting becomes regular. It has been observed that if the plants are raised from stem cutting flowering occurs in the first year of plant life itself. The fruit set starts in late December and lasts till April end. The peak fruit set period is February and March, seeds get matured during early February to March end. Fruit dehiscence and seed dispersal start at the end of March and peaks by the end of April when the temperature is over 40 oC and humidity is low. The seeds are thrown by the elastically explosion of the fruit, which is a capsule to a distance of about two meters by a hook like structure known as retinaculum. No other seed dispersal mechanism is observed. The plant exhibits regular leaf fall in small numbers throughout the year which increase in the month of March but no time the plant becomes leafless. From April till September there is a period of high vegetative growth when new branches spring up and the plant increase in height and girth.
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Dr. Jaswinder Mehta. Phenology of Adhatoda vasica a multifarious useful medicinal plant. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(7):791-794.
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