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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part N (2016)

Antifungal sensitivity of Candida Sp. isolated from gynaecology and medicine patients attending at a tertiary care hospital

Saumya Nanda and Soumyadarshan Nayak
Objective: In this study we have found the prevalence of Candidal Sp. in vulvo-vaginal and skin infections of the patients attending the OPD of medicine and Gynaecology. We have additionally evaluated the drug sensitivity patterns of recognized Candida sp. Methods: This observational study was conducted in IMS and SUM hospital for 14 months from January 2015 to February 2016, and the purpose was to find the causative organisms for infections. Species differentiation was confirmed via particular tradition medium methods. Antifungal susceptibility of isolated Candida species have been evaluated with disc diffusion methods. Results: Of the 219 Candida isolates, majority of them have been isolated from the branch of Gynaecology 160(73.1%) and Medicine department 59(26.9%). Moreover, 144(65.8%) samples have been of unmarried girls and 75(34.2%) were of married women. Candida albicans 128 (58.45%) was the most principal species followed by Candida glabrata 30(13.69%), Candida tropicalis 26(11.87%), Candida krusei 17(7.76%), Candida parapsilosis 12(5.47%), Candida dubliniensis 3(1.37%) and Candida lusitaniae 3(1.37). All isolates have been most susceptible to Itraconazole with a susceptibility charge of 213(97.26%). The highest resistance become found for voriconazole 40(18.26%) compared to fluconazole 32(14.61%). Conclusion: Candida species has been the most common cause of vulvo-vaginitis in both married and unmarried women and many antifungals are effective against it but in this observational study we found out that Itraconazole was the most effective antifungal for vulvo-vaginal and skin infections.
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Saumya Nanda, Soumyadarshan Nayak. Antifungal sensitivity of Candida Sp. isolated from gynaecology and medicine patients attending at a tertiary care hospital. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(7):986-990.
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