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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 8, Part A (2016)

The press: Changing face of the watch dog

Dr. BVV Balakrishna and Dr. N Rajasekhar
Any survey of the Indian press cannot but reflect the different stages of growth and development that Indian democracy has gone through in the last sixty years, when freedom came, the press was proud of its role as the bulk of the fraternity had actively participation or contributed to the awakening of the people through different phases of the struggle against foreign rule. The press, particularly those owned by the Indians, served as an auxiliary of the freedom struggle. With each phase of the national movement, it moved forward and faced the consequences for doing so.
The Indian press have grown rapidly but we must realize that there are some challenges to be a head. Public confidence in the media, already low and it continues to come down. The major one is some of the Indian press controlled by politicians, government, businessmen, local leaders, celebrities and biased.
After independence two developments took place; first the nationalist press, though materialistically weak, got a boost and the new political elite become aware of the power of press in the running of the new edifice of the freedom.
The second development was that most of the British owned newspaper establishments sold of their assets and overnight these papers become Indian owned. The change in the patron of ownership entailed new developments in the newspaper world.
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Dr. BVV Balakrishna, Dr. N Rajasekhar. The press: Changing face of the watch dog. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(8):28-30.
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