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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 8, Part I (2016)

Inclusive and sustainable growth in India- issues and challenges

Suman Kannoujia
India is the new global buzzword. The economy growing at a phenomenal rate, combined with a flourishing democracy is making people sit up and take notice across the world. Yet. It is at cross- road today. It is far from reaching its true potential. The country remains shackled in corruption, red tape, age old barriers and a puzzling lack of transparency. Growth is not uniform across sectors and large cross sections of the populace remain outside its purview. Several social, political and economic factors need to be tackled for sustaining a high rate of growth Inclusive. Elimination of child labor, women empowerment, removal of caste barriers and an improvement in work culture are the just few of the things the Indian society needs to introspect on. Most of the Asian countries have experienced higher growth rates in the past two decades. It is interesting to note that this economic growth has bypassed the poor sections of the society. The growth has been uneven and often accompanied by income inequality and this gap between rich and poor leads to unbalanced social development. This often deoxidizes the impact of economic growth. Hence reducing inequality becomes a major concern of developmental policies and this garmented the concept of Inclusive growth. Tackling corruption in high places, removing the ills of the electoral system, shunning politics of the agitations and keeping national interest may not be too much to ask of the country’s policy makers. The paper gives emphasize on to explore different problems present in achieving Inclusive growth in India, to discuss the challenges before Inclusive growth in India. Efforts are also made to investigate the future aspect of inclusive growth with regard to proposed XIIth five year plan in India and also tried to suggest certain measures for the achievement of inclusive growth in India.
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Suman Kannoujia. Inclusive and sustainable growth in India- issues and challenges. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(8):581-585.
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