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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part B (2017)

A critical analysis of effectiveness of student council leadership on learners discipline management in secondary schools in Kenya

Ogol O Jared and Dr. Ruth W Thinguri
The research study sought to justify that student council leadership which is a participatory form of governance is a good idea that existed not only in Kenya but also in other countries. Though it is ineffective but when made effective can be used to improve discipline management on learners in our secondary schools in Kenya The article critically conducted an analysis on effectiveness of the student council leadership on learners discipline management in secondary school in Kenya. It defined the student council Leadership through their roles, behavior and analyzed the various barriers to effectiveness of student council Leadership as well as its correlation to discipline management in school setting in secondary schools in Kenya The study was based on two leadership theories namely functional leadership theory and the servant leadership theory. The study used content review and desk analysis function design. the researchers preferred this design since it allows more critical analysis than the statically quantities methods used in similar qualitative studies Indiscipline menace in current Kenyan high schools has kept on rising at alarming rate. According to British broadcast Cooperative (B.B.C) News (25th July, 2016) over 100 Government public secondary schools were set ablaze and several schools shut down completely in a period less than three month an evident of the indiscipline increase. The establishment of formal education in its unique setting called school after independent has experienced great. Challenges and crisis ranging from poor leadership, indiscipline and academic barriers. Before independent, Maseno School recorded the first strike in 1908. After independent there had been several strikes in secondary schools in Kenya (sifuna, 1990) [1] Several independent commissions had been formed to investigate into the strike issues. Inthe St. Kizito tragedy and 19 students died in (2011) also occurred another tragedy and 68 students died (1991 occurred Wango 20030) [2]. Due to this several independent commissions and individual students have investigated the indiscipline menace and have all supported that indiscipline is an issue of concern in public secondary schools. Among the commissions are (kinyujui; 1993, and individual students such Achieng 1996, and Mathu 1996) [3]. Their reports anticipated the solution to leadership wrangles and indiscipline matters was to embrace student council leadership and to involve students in knowing about democracy and leadership as originally advocated by John D. in Democracy of Education. Student council Leadership is a key strategy to foster unity hence allowing the students to participate in decision making in the issues affecting their well-being in schools the student to participate in policy making on issue affecting their well-being in schools. It emphasized the need for collaboration participation leadership among the educational involved parties to in still good acceptable public character traits that promote high discipline management among students. The study recommended the involvement of effective student in high schools in Kenya in administrative matters through effective student council to promote collaboration, consultative leadership to enhance schools achieve the objectives and education goals and too make leaner’s develop into responsible members of the community. The study also recommended of the establishment of educational policies to guide the roles of students councils in high schools. The study finally recommends proper training to the student council and security policy to protect the student council in and out of the schools as they carry out their supportive roles.
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Ogol O Jared, Dr. Ruth W Thinguri. A critical analysis of effectiveness of student council leadership on learners discipline management in secondary schools in Kenya. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(1):90-97.
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