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Vol. 3, Issue 10, Part B (2017)

Wildlife conservation conflicts in Europe

Wildlife conservation conflicts in Europe

Tajimul Md
Conservation conflicts are increasing and need to happen managed to reduce the negative effects on biodiversity, human livelihoods, and human welfare. We hypothesize when Conservation Results Will Be Less Durable Protectionists block their interests other. Effective conflict management and long-term conservation benefits will be enhanced by better integration of the underpinning social context with content effectiveness and evaluation of the efficacy of the alternative conflict management approach. Conflicts related to wildlife have increased in importance. Protection conflicts occur when two or more parties are strongly opinionated on conservation objectives, and when one party asserts their interest at the expense of the other. From this point of view, efforts are needed to reduce conservation conflicts in these areas. In addition, promoting the investigation of conservation conflicts that incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary to increase the understanding of such conflicts and ultimately reduce them.
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Tajimul Md. Wildlife conservation conflicts in Europe. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(10):137-140.
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