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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 11, Part D (2017)

Study on truant children

S Prabha and Dr. K Kavitha Maheswari
Truancy is commonly considered as any unexcused or unverified absence from school. Causes of truancy may include lack of guidance or parental monitoring and supervision, drug or alcohol and other substance abuse, lack of awareness of attendance policies and regulations and having poor attitude towards education. The study on truant children focuses on their attitude towards school and their behavioral problems. The design of the study is descriptive in nature. It attempts to describe the socio-demographic variables, their attitude towards school infrastructure, teacher student relationship, parent child relationship, peer group influence and their behavioral problems. The study was conducted in a government higher secondary school, Karur District. The truant children from sixth standard to twelfth standard constituted the universe of this study. They were identified with the help of the head master and the school teachers. They were 70 students who are found as having truant behavior are the universe of this study and census method was adopted for sampling. The researcher used self prepared structured interview schedule as tool to collect the required data from the respondents. The major findings of the study are discussed in the full paper.
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S Prabha, Dr. K Kavitha Maheswari. Study on truant children. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(11):239-241.
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