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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 12, Part F (2017)

Consumer behavior to health food drink in Dhaka city

Shuvasish Dutta
Consumer behavior is all about consumers’ attitudes, preferences, intentions, psychology, decision making in selecting or consuming or aftereffect of a product or services to consume or to purchase. Consumer behavior to Health Food Drink has shown a wide dimensions in the researches. This study has tried to find out how consumers’ perception about nutrition need can affect buying decision of Health Food Drink, to what extent consumers are conscious about variety of Health Food Drink, which factors are liable behind the selection of particular brand to consume, how much people are motivated by the promotional gifts. The study also identifies the reason behind leaving of taking Health Food Drink. The study shows relation of some historical analysis with consumer behavior of Health Food Drink. It is based on Dhaka city and covers a variety of income ranged people. In today’s market, consumers are conscious about the nutrition need and Health Food Drink and they have wide preference options to choose and marketers have so much to do with these. For brand preference; taste, nutrition, popularity, are some of the reasons.
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Shuvasish Dutta. Consumer behavior to health food drink in Dhaka city. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(12):385-389.
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