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Vol. 3, Issue 12, Part I (2017)

A paralyzed system: Are we ready to deal with the unthinkable

A paralyzed system: Are we ready to deal with the unthinkable

Dr. Shishirkumar, Dr. Roshan S and Dr. Shivarama CH
Let us introduce ourselves first. We are presently working as Associate Professor, in the Department of Anatomy, Kanachur Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore. This letter is meant to discuss the problems that would be faced by the health sector of our country. We have discussed and would foresee these events happening in the near future. Our country under the able leadership of our new found leader has been marching in a proper direction ever since he has taken the office. We have found a new found passion amongst ourselves. A ray of hope or a silver lining is felt who have been working in the health sector. At the time of writing this letter, we would like to bring in the fact that we have around approximately 50000 seats for MBBS spanning in 28 states in the country. But the distribution of the seats and availability of health care has not been distributed equally. The present Government has been taking strides in getting new Medical Colleges. The availability of the faculty is a big question mark. Why this situation, we asked ourselves and we got the answers. For a long time we have been neglecting the pre and para clinical subjects. The minimal criterion for staff requirements that has been recommended by the MCI has been taken as the maximum criteria by the Medical Colleges. Not only the private but the Government colleges and the administration have an equal share of responsibility. If we go through the Government call for interview, it is surprising to see that the Government has also made this cut off line. No more than the minimum requirements will be taken is the norm that has been followed. With this norm the problem is that, for a long time there were no takers of a Post-Graduation seat in Pre and Para Clinical seats. This is not Eureka moment! The simple fact was that, there were no vacancies. To add on to these there were lateral entry courses that were there in place, who would become teachers in Medical Institutes. But since the MCI has been head strong in implementing the CBME curriculum, we need quality teaching faculties. The changes have started to show. Even though it’s in a very infant stage, we are hopeful that the system will change for good. With so many Medical colleges coming up, the staff pattern and grading system should be implemented for a Medical College. The minimum criteria should not be taken as a maximum criterion. Even though we are very safe now and we pray to the almighty that the present situation continues, we can foresee a calamity. The present number of Medical Colleges and the MBBS seats looks very promising and can continue to do so if the graph improves steadily. But if a calamity strikes in the form of a war, yes you have read it right, forget the mortal enemy of India, we have a super power just above us and bioterrorism and chemical warfare have just not been witnessed in this world on a very large scale. If that happens then we would need trained Medical staff and a lot of them to take the burden. The graphs of Medical graduates that are coming out of Medical colleges simply are not match to the population explosion. So the Government has to take all necessary steps to ensure the same. Not only war even in peace times, we do not have enough to spare if a natural disaster strikes. What if a natural disaster strikes? What if a pandemic strikes? What if we are at war? With this letter we want you to highlight our concern in your prestigious journal and let the authorities have a look at our concern and take appropriate actions so that the damage would be neutralized.
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Dr. Shishirkumar, Dr. Roshan S, Dr. Shivarama CH. A paralyzed system: Are we ready to deal with the unthinkable. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(12):603-603.
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