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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part C (2017)

A socio-cultural obstruction to women empowerment in Indian society

Dr. Satyendra Narayan
Achieving efficient, powerful and fee effective water purification methods for the community are the important thing to human survival and improvement, as water control is a modern-day worldwide problem. Water is the number one aid vital for maintaining all human sports activities, so its provision in desired amount and great is of in reality significance. Water pollution impacts eating water, rivers, lakes and oceans everywhere in the world, which therefore harms human health and the natural environment. The existing go-sectional take a look at is centered on measuring the exceptional of consuming water in rural areas of sikar district, Rajasthan and its outcomes on human health as instructed via the people living in those regions. Numerous analyses including bodily, chemical and microbiological assessment were performed at the water samples gathered from the villages. The samples have been located to have excessive pH, indicating alkalinity of the water samples, and high chromium content fabric. Microbiological high-quality changed into also questionable in most of the cases. At the opposite of those findings, majority of human beings dwelling in those areas have been not laid low with various water borne ailments. So the look at argues about the need and significance of water purification and water control systems in cutting-edge-day instances.
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Dr. Satyendra Narayan. A socio-cultural obstruction to women empowerment in Indian society. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(2):179-182.
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