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Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part G (2017)

Morality as contract: An evaluation

Morality as contract: An evaluation

Molly Ghosh
Various theories are found in the history of philosophy regarding the foundation of morality. This paper is an attempt to reveal Hobbesian ideas of social contract and a contemporary version of that by David Gauthier with an observation how the view of social contract is philosophically significant and how it promotes moral values in practical life as well. Hobbes believes that the revelation of law of nature depicts the essential character of moral virtues. He argues that virtues are essential laws of nature and therefore we have a predominant motive to observe them in practical life. The law of nature as Hobbes comprehends does not forcefully oblige any individual agent but by nature and from the motivation of self-preservation man agrees for social contract. From contract, man preserves his self-interest with cooperation with others promoting peace and other moral values in life. Gauthier emphasizes on rational choice of an individual cannot aim only self-interested ends, but mutual benefit from an impartial standpoint. It is the contribution of Gauthier over Hobbesian Contractarianism that he adds the rigor of rational choice. According to him the present scenario of societies may not reflect the most advantageous state for every member but it must be admitted that a social contract agreed out of rational choice on the principal of law of nature to promote maximum possible benefit for everyone vide minimax concession, opens the world of life that is worth living.
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Molly Ghosh. Morality as contract: An evaluation. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(2):436-441.
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