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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part G (2017)

A feministic approach to Vijay Tendulkar’s Plays

Vijay Tendulkar, the Marathi playwright demonstrates how society adds to the depreciation of women as human being and deprives them of most human rights. He shows how women are exploited, tortured and victimized. Tendulkar probes deep into the recesses of human nature. His plays delve deep into the realities of life in contemporary social milieu. He states “As a social being I am against all exploitation and I passionately feel that all exploitation must end.” He wrote thirty full-length plays in Marathi and ten plays were translated into English. Tendulkar’s most plays, deal with the syndrome of power and violence. His plays depict the women not only as a commodity of male gaze and as a victim subjected to violence whether physically or emotionally. Tendulkar has achieved a milestone in exploring the relationship between men and women at different levels. He has focused on men’s superiority complex and shown subtle, inverted and preservative relationship men and women. He has studied the psychology of all the characters and put them together in the play in natural shapes. The present research paper will focus on his three plays, to present the subjugated position of women in society, Silence! The Court is in Session, Sakharam Binder and Kamala. In his plays, Silence! The Court is in Session and Kamala he takes the issue of oppression on the basis of gender. The play, Sakharam Binder is a study of human violence. His plays divulge the message that woman possesses the strength, the courage and puissance for facing and surviving the onslaughts of institutional power
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