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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 3, Part N (2017)

Bi-Level image steganography

Souma Pal and Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
In our modern age, science is going to develop as much as the valuable data are becoming more insecure due to different causes to hamper it. Hence, to protect the valuable data, a technique, Steganography which is more advanced technique of cryptography is introduced. It is art and science of secure information communication where the secret data or confidential file are hidden in the cover file so that the outside world except the authenticated recipient(s) are completely unaware of the existence of the secret data or confidential file. The secret data are embedded within the cover file in such a way the human eyes except the intended recipient(s) cannot distinguish among original data and embedded data, they think nothing special. This paper emphasises on bi-level image steganography by applying transform domain and as well as spatial domain both with remembrance of payload or embedding capacity of a pixel.
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Souma Pal, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay. Bi-Level image steganography. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(3):907-911.
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