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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Special Issue 3, Part C (2017)

Avifaunal diversity of umra (Shamsudin) reservoir, Washim District Maharashtra

SD Rathod
The avifaunal diversity of Umra (Shamsudin) Reservoir, Washim Dist, Maharashtra. Was studied for a period of six months from July. 2016 To Dec. 2016. Umra (Shamsudin) Reservoir, harbors’ several local and migratory bird species. Siltation, pollution, and reduction in water retentation in this reservoir in summer are the major threats to the avifauna. More than 36 species of migratory birds were observed, out of which 15 species were found to be migratory birds in true sense and remaining 21 species were also from the category of migratory birds. Umra (Shamsudin) Reservoir is a man-made reservoir located at Umra (Shamsudin) village, District –Washim. This project comes under watershed area of Pus project, which is in Godavari Valley on 200 -05’-28’’ and 770-16’-34’’. This reservoir meets the need of drinking water, irrigation and aquaculture and it is the source of capture fishery in this region. The capacity of the Reservoir is 2.3164 million cubic meters and 413 Hq. lands can be irrigated. The water body sustains heavy Birds diversity throughout the period of research.
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SD Rathod. Avifaunal diversity of umra (Shamsudin) reservoir, Washim District Maharashtra. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(3S):91-93.
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