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Vol. 3, Issue 4, Part D (2017)

Poverty under the colonial rule and peasantry in Orissa

Poverty under the colonial rule and peasantry in Orissa

Dr. Suryakant Nath
Poverty under the colonial government and popular perception towards it has undergone a sea change in the post-independence era. In the post-1857 phase, many nationalists thought and believed that the British rule was productive of considerable benefits to the people of India. The benefits acclaimed most often were peace, law and order, western education, centralised administration, political unification of the country and the consequent growth of a feeling of nationality, railways, telegraphs, hospitals etc. However, with the passage of time and as a result of increasing political activity and consciousness doubts began to arise about the value and material content of such benefits, though the positive aspects of the legal, constitutional and other non-material consequences of British impact were recognised and acknowledged by a section of the Indian national leadership almost to the end of the colonial rule in India.
This paper tries to trace the evolution of this false consciousness of the subjugated Indians and tries to carry further the debate as to whether colonial subjugation was harmful for the Indian as a whole. The paper also tries to broadly address the question of peasant movement against the Colonial government in Orissa.
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Dr. Suryakant Nath. Poverty under the colonial rule and peasantry in Orissa. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(4):220-224.
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