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Vol. 3, Issue 5, Part I (2017)

Arya Samaj: Upliftment of untouchables in Solan district

Arya Samaj: Upliftment of untouchables in Solan district

Shiv Lal Bhardwaj
Arya Samaj founded by Maharishi Dayanand was a revivalist movement in nature, inspired physical, spiritual and social awakening and aimed to the removal of meaningless superstitions, dogmas and customs from Indian socio-religious-cultural fabric. The ancient traditional Varna system evolved into caste hierarchies and consequent social segregation - tragic for the lower strata of Indian society. The most pernicious aspect of this caste system in the hills of Colonial Punjab was the caste segregation related with untouchability and the inhuman behavior of the upper castes - dangerously disastrous for the lower castes. Arya Samaj came like a beacon light in the hills for the downtrodden, especially to untouchables and in all the erstwhile princely states in the hills of Colonial Punjab. Arya Samaj opened its branches every nook and corner in and the present day Himachal Pradesh. Arya Samaj also had much impact in Solan District and this organisation particularly did tremendous work for the upliftment of the untouchables. Its concept of the Shuddhi elevated the socio-religious status of lower castes and stemmed the tide of conversion. Arya Samaj promoted education amidst the untouchables, provided them equality and equity in all sphere of life, which heralded the transformation for the victimized sections of Solan District.
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