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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part C (2017)

Relevance of astanayika & its impact on Indian classical music

Dr. Abhilasha Sharma
Any subject of study as well as investigation is very helpful when one may view the relevance of it’s in the present times also. Astanayika in music that is classical is a topic that has with standed the test of time, changing countries in addition to societal patterns. As expressed earlier, the Astanayika idea hasn't been completely explored or even represented in the world of music as a department of fine arts. We discover sophisticated representations of Astanayika current in dance, sculpture, painting, etc. By creating as well as articulating the Astanayika idea for music, this particular effort has aimed to generate an evolved and detailed image of the Astanayika in the different types of Hindustani classical music. This particular investigation job deals with the psychological component of music and for studies the psychological quotient of music with all the foundation of astanayika poetry. It brings out this particular symbiosis and also encapsulates it in an organized order. This particular report provides the thought of the astanayika in music, that is an extensive understanding of the art form initially offered to the Natyasastra and the evolution of its beyond that, in the context of various kinds of music.
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Dr. Abhilasha Sharma. Relevance of astanayika & its impact on Indian classical music. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):198-203.
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