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Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part D (2017)

The menace of plastic waste in nautical atmosphere

The menace of plastic waste in nautical atmosphere

Dharmendra Kumar
Plastics are important a part of the society and have varied application. They’re composed of a network of molecular monomers certain along to make supermolecule (polymers). A chemical compound could contain additives like plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricant, ultraviolet gripping material, flame retardants to boost performance. The increase of plastics since the middle 20th century, each as a fabric component and additionally as a growing environmental waste product, has been wide represented. Plastic pollution represents one among the foremost important environmental issues facing humankind. There’s huge accumulation of plastic rubble and its degradation merchandise in marine ecosystems. a large range of marine species is understood to be injured or killed by plastic rubble. Marine animals are principally affected through web and intake of plastic litter. The plastic intake is increasing in ocean birds which will reach 99 of all species by 2050. Waste water treatment plants are known as a possible supply of microplastics. Plastics are wide distributed in matter deposits and their quantity probably to grow many folds over following few decades. Sweetening of the ecological consciousness through education, a correct legislation, and effective waste management systems will be the simplest thanks to solve such environmental drawback.
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Dharmendra Kumar. The menace of plastic waste in nautical atmosphere. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):258-260.
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