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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part I (2017)

Alienation in the female protagonist Sita of where shall we go this summer- by Anita Desai

Ranjeet Kaur
Alienation arises when someone doesn't feel himself able to reconcile with the existing norms and values. Existence becomes meaningless to him who doesn't cope up with the situations. This fills their heart with up rootedness, estrangement from their partner. Marital maladjustment is the another name of marital alienation which is prevalent these days. This alienated state is found in Sita, Where Shall We Go This Summer, a novel written by Anita Desai.
Alienation is a state where one person fails to maintain her identity that leads him to get affected by psychological problems. He feels absurd to himself, towards society. When this state comes it is called alienation. Sense of alienation exists in persons in some extent or other. No person is found fully sensible or fully alienated. Human beings are social animals. They have to play their roles in the society whether they like it or not. Human beings have to make efforts to keep their social circle to function well. But when they caught themselves in difficult situations, mostly people gave up doing anything, and they become alienated.
The Oxford dictionary of Psychology defines the word alienation as,
“Turning away; inducing someone to become indifferent or hostile or causing their affections to be diverted the state of being an outsider or feeling detached from society, a state in which one's emotions are experienced as foreign so that the self and the outside world appear unreal.”
Alienation reveals out of the psychological problems faced by human beings. Persons who try to discover the real meaning of life falls in the flux of mud from which they put the question on their existence, they say, ‘what does it mean to exist?’
Anita Desai has portrayed her female characters from psychological and sociological point of view. In literature readers come through various types of females who suffer, fight and win their battle. As Sita in Where Shall We Go This Summer. Sita who lives a life of ease and comfort suddenly gets bored and feels herself isolated from society and family. For this she decided to leave to a lonely place and went their to regain her lost strength.
The aim of this paper is to deal with the psychological problems faced by female protagonist of the novel which makes her alienated from society, family and from herself. Sita becomes alienated due to her disturbed childhood, neglected behaviour of her parent’s and with the feelings of pity with which Raman has married her. All this affects her badly and makes her isolated from society and herself.
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