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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part K (2017)

Study of crystalline structure and physical constants in solids: NaCl, CsCI, ZnS

Dr. Alka Singh and Dr. Navin Kumar
These materials are important promising engineering materials that are used in various industrial applications such as electronics, petroleum, aerospace, high power, high temperature engineering, nuclear industry and chemical industry [1-5]. These materials are partially covalent after certain range. Therefore, a number of experimental and theoretical workers have devoted their efforts to study the nature of these interactions, which are considered as a function of nearest and next nearest neighbours distance. Interacting forces in a crystal dictate the properties of the solid-state materials. According to classical theories of Born [6] the atoms are considered as point charges bond by the interaction forces which have attracted considerably the attention of theoretical and experimental workers due to their interesting and useful applications. The developments of such Lattice dynamical models have progressed from simple phenomenological to sophisticated microscopic theories. Thus, one is compelled to take recourse to construct the simplified models for describing the interaction mechanism and crystal properties. In the present study crystalline structure of these materials is studied and values of different physical constants is been recorded experimentally.
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Dr. Alka Singh, Dr. Navin Kumar. Study of crystalline structure and physical constants in solids: NaCl, CsCI, ZnS. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):714-718.
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