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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part R (2017)

Iron status of Indian national level women baseball players

Sarita Tyagi, Monika Wasuja and Anil K Vanaik
This present investigation was carried out to assess Iron Status of All India Inter University/National Level Women Baseball Players. For this purpose, a total sample of 24 women baseball players in the age range of 17-22 years from University of Delhi were selected using purposive sampling. The anthropometric measurements taken included weight and height, and BMI was computed using standard formula. Physical Efficiency Index through Harvard Step Test was determined while Shuttle Run test was applied for agility. A self-designed questionnaire was administrated to the subjects to elicit general information, health profile and diet and activity related information. In order to gather information on dietary iron intake, 3-day’s dietary record was used and haemoglobin levels were estimated in a clinical laboratory. The obtained data was analyzed by computing Mean (M), Standard Deviation (SD), Percentage (%) and Pearson’s Product Moment Coefficient of Correlations (r). The level of significance was taken at 0.05. The anthropometric parameters of the subjects showed that weight had mean value of 55.91 +1.66 kg; height had mean value of 158.82 +1.16 cm; and BMI had the mean value of 22.2 +2.8 kg/m2. According to the BMI classification, 62.5% players came in ideal BMI category and 16.6% were found in overweight category. The dietary intake data clearly indicated that the mean iron intake of female baseball players was 10.04 ± 3.32 gm/day, which was much lower than RDA 21 gm/d (ICMR 2010). The mean estimated hemoglobin level of the baseball players was 11.49 ±1.17, which was below the normal level of 12 g/dl as suggested by WHO. Mean P.E.I markedly established poor cardiovascular endurance levels despite intensive training for 5-10 years, this could be attributed to low haemoglobin levels in up to 75% of the players. However, the shuttle run performance of these players was relatively good and did not seem to be affected by low haemoglobin levels of the subjects as shuttle run is an indicator of agility and anaerobic fitness. Thus, the results of present investigation showed inadequate dietary intake of iron which was also reflected in low haemoglobin levels in these subjects, poor aerobic fitness in majority of the subjects; however, their shuttle run scores signifying anaerobic fitness were appropriate. These results clearly direct towards proper nutrition counseling of female baseball players focusing on including foods rich in iron content in their diets.
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Sarita Tyagi, Monika Wasuja, Anil K Vanaik. Iron status of Indian national level women baseball players. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):1292-1295.
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