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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 7, Part D (2017)

Mathematics in Baudhāyana-Śulbasūtras’

Dr. Meera Sharma
My research paper’s topic is ‘Mathematics in Baudhāyana-Śulbasūtras’. Although references of Indian Mathematics are found in Vedas, Brāhmaṇagranthas, but it is not easy to understand mathematical concepts there. That’s why Baudhāyana has made a categorical and systematic arrangement of these mathematical concepts in his sūtras and this is the contribution of Baudhāyana in explaining Vedic Mathematics. Baudhāyana has given rules and operations for the measurments and constructions of the various sacrificial fires and altars which shows Indian Geometry. In this paper, Baudhāyana’s theorem of square on the diagonal of square or a rectangle is discussed and the same theorem is known as Pythagoras theorem now. Here is also discussed--methods of construction of square that is sum of unequal squares and also construction of a square that is the difference of two squares. Even then method of transformation of geometrical figures such as rectangle in to square and method of calculating the value of is also discussed in this paper. In this way, this type of research paper will create interest among scholars to find the roots of Indian mathematics. This type of study will also contribute in the explanation of Vedic mathematics.
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Dr. Meera Sharma. Mathematics in Baudhāyana-Śulbasūtras’. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(7):285-288.
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