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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 8, Part C (2017)

A prelude to property under international trade

Tabassum Iqbal
Property from time immemorial has always been the concern of all people may it be of different class, sex, language, colour, ethnicity etc. A lot of work has been done on deciphering the meaning of Property itself. The difficulties with these definitions have plagued speculative jurists to come up with new definitions. Speaking of the relationship of a person to a thing is of limited usefulness in legal discourse because a thing cannot bring or defend a law suit. The law does not deal with rights, privileges, powers, their co-relatives and opposites, in the abstracts: it deals with relationship between and among peoples. It seems that western law tends to ascribe to the possessor of a thing. On the other side it is said that property is a culturally constructed concept. The content of the term depends on the culture in which it is employed and, within any particular culture, very often upon the period in which the concept is being discussed. Thus, in the light of both western and non western perspective the researcher intends to trace property as the subject matters of trade i.e. goods, intellectual property and services.
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Tabassum Iqbal. A prelude to property under international trade. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(8):167-170.
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