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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 8, Part E (2017)

Inclusion in primary education: A philosophical probability or practical feasibility?

Waseem Zahra
Every child has the right to develop to her full potential and schools are expected to offer a stimulating experience that nurtures learning by all students. But children are different from each other and among them diversities exist on various dimensions like physical, intellectual, social and financial. Allowing all children access to opportunities of quality education is a prerequisite for the development for all nations. Yet, in India thousands of children drop out of primary school each year and more than a quarter of these are ultimately deprived of any other educational opportunity. This situation is an enormous waste of financial and human resources; it jeopardizes the future of many children and will have very negative consequences for the future development of India. Inclusion is a process, not a fixed state. By inclusion, we mean not only that children with special needs should wherever possible receive their education in a mainstream school, but also that they should join fully with their peers in the curriculum and life of the school. Many schools will need to review and adapt their approaches in order to achieve greater inclusion in primary schools as Primary education is the core of the schooling system. It builds the bedrock for human capital development. The objective of this study is to accurately capture the situation of those children who are not in schools, causes of their exclusion and in order to come up with appropriate strategies to improve their inclusion.
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Waseem Zahra. Inclusion in primary education: A philosophical probability or practical feasibility?. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(8):309-313.
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