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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 8, Part F (2017)

Adjustment problems of secondary school students of Gorkha community with respect to gender-A study

Birina Boro
Adjustment is a commonly used word in everyday life. It is equally popular in the discipline of psychology, sociology and education. Adjustment is needed in all walks of life. Life is a continuous series of events which are attributed to changes and challenges. Everyone is facing such situations for his survival of growth which arise of individual’s physiological, psychological or social needs. The strategy used by an individual to accommodate oneself to changing circumstances is called adjustment. When an individual is successful and satisfied with his efforts then it is a case of good adjustment. On the other hand, if a person meets frustrations in his efforts continuously it causes maladjustment. It is not that only students of Gorkha Community face the problems of adjustment. We notice many problems of adjustment among people or students of various classes in various aspects irrespective of caste, creed, language, religion, sex, age, etc. The present paper attempts to assess the adjustment problems with special reference to Secondary school students of Gorkha Community in Udalguri District, B.T.A.D. Assam. A sample of 60 students was taken from the randomly selected Secondary Schools from the District itself. Out of the 60 sample, 30 were boys and rest 30 were girls. The sample was collected by using simple random sampling technique. Descriptive Survey Method was used to collect the data. Adjustment Inventory constructed and standardized by A.K.P Singha and R.P Singh (1971) was used to collect data.
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Birina Boro. Adjustment problems of secondary school students of Gorkha community with respect to gender-A study. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(8):341-344.
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