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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 8, Part G (2017)

The effects of vehicle traffic flow characteristics on capacity at Rotary in Bhubaneswar city (India)

Anirban Deshmukh
Rotary or roundabouts are becoming more popular and efficient replacing signalized and stop controlled intersections around the world. Since its inception in in early 1960s, roundabouts are used to replace traditional traffic circles or channels. As roundabout forces the user to slow down the vehicle and enter the rotary, causing less congestion, accidents, decrease in conflict points and thus increase the vehicle traffic flow more smoothly and with better efficiency and sometimes beating that of signalized and stop-controlled intersections. Though with better vehicle flow, vehicle emissions due to fuel consumption will decrease, roundabouts which are congested due to poor capacity will instead increase the emissions and lead to congestion instead. Occurrence of unwarranted delays, queue formation and speed change cycles for approaching traffic have a significant impact on congestion and air quality in the adjacent areas. For study purpose, Master Canteen Chowk roundabout in Bhubaneswar city was selected. There are several analytical and statistical methods that allow the user to evaluate the capacity of a roundabout. This paper focuses on finding out peak hour and capacity of the rotary and thus analyze its reliability in providing the traffic flow service for present time and near future. Also, increase/decrease in emissions has a direct relationship with traffic flow characteristics. With the help of obtained results, a brief discussion has been included quoting past researches of reliable authors.
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Anirban Deshmukh. The effects of vehicle traffic flow characteristics on capacity at Rotary in Bhubaneswar city (India). Int J Appl Res 2017;3(8):452-462.
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