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Vol. 3, Issue 8, Part I (2017)

A study on equity share price behavior of hero Motocorp

A study on equity share price behavior of hero Motocorp

V Kannammal
The Indian capital market has witnessed a tremendous growth in the economy. There was an explosion of investor interest during the period of nineties and an Equity Guilt emerged in statutory legislations has also helped the capital market. India has received considerable capital inflows in recent years. This results the country to be poised for a big leap in the industrial and economic growth. The Economy of the country is mainly based on the development of the industrial and manufacturing sectors. In India most of the industries require huge amount of investments. Funds are raised mostly through the issue of shares. An investor is satisfied from the reasonable return from investment in shares. The investors should keenly watch the situations like market price, economy, company progress, returns, and the risk involved in a share before taking decision on a particular share. If there is better understanding of the stock market trend it will facilitate the allocation of financial sources to the most profitable investment opportunity. Due to several economic and non-economic factors there will be continuous fluctuation in the stock returns. The study is aimed at ascertaining the behaviour of share returns. This paper analyses the equity share fluctuations of Hero Motocorp. It also measures the strength of the trend and the money involved in investing in the stocks. Simple moving average model which would give the investor a sell signal or buy signal. This study will help the investors know the behaviour of share prices and thus can succeed.
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V Kannammal. A study on equity share price behavior of hero Motocorp. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(8):598-601.
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