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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 9, Part A (2017)

Quality parameters of school education and higher education

Asraful Mustafa Kamal
Quality Education starts with a focus on an adequate number of schools, colleges and trained teachers; It moves beyond to consider what goes on inside and outside the school and colleges. It encompasses education for human security, for community development and for national progress. Quality parameters to make all school and higher education require: Reducing Class size, particularly for younger students, Taking steps to ensure there’s a high quality teacher in every class room, having high expectations for all students.
In high performing educational institutions, all stake holders including teachers, education support professional, administrators, parents and community representatives demonstrate shared understanding and commitment to high level outcomes for all students. The intellectual goals are clear and specific; they help to establish high expectations for all students and guide all actions that support high levels of student learning. The collective commitment to the achievement of the goals also means they assume responsibility for the success of all the students, not just the students they teach.
Quality parameters is a broader concept and it is not limited to any specific area, it is very difficult to adopt all the available instruments, to quote few quality parameters include commitment, instruction, resources to support teaching and learning etc.
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