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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 9, Part D (2017)

Urbanization and its implications in a mega city: Need for spatial information management

Tajimul Md
Rapid and aggressive urbanization is associated with the depletion of natural resources, which in turn deteriorates landscape structure and conditions in the local environment. Rapid increase in population due to migration from rural areas is one of the important issues Urban Development. Urbanization in India is changing land change to a great extent and often results in Spread. Dispersal areas often lack basic facilities such as water supply, sanitation, etc. Regular monitoring and understanding of the rate of urban development is needed to ensure maintenance of natural resources. Urban sprawl is the limit of urbanization that advances development of urban forms with ecology and destruction of natural lands. Rate of change of the extent of land use and urban sprawl can be efficiently designed with the help of imagination and geology. Knowledge of urban area, especially development magnitude, shape geometry, and spatial. The pattern is necessary to understand the growth and characteristics of the urbanization process. Urban pattern, size and evolution can be determined using spatial matrix. This communication determines the amount of urbanization and related development patterns in Delhi. Four decades of spatial data were analyzed to understand Mobility of land and on land use. Increasing scope for understanding and increasing local spatial changes.
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Tajimul Md. Urbanization and its implications in a mega city: Need for spatial information management. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(9):270-273.
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