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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 9, Part I (2017)

A study on the influence of perception of equity by contractual employees on their job satisfaction in the workplace

Shruthi Bekal and Dr. Uma Warrier
With IT boom, majority of the corporations have increasingly been recruiting their workforce on contract. Dearth of jobs and increase in population has caused the management to take an upper hand in calling the shots with regard to their HR policies. A major chunk of a company’s workforce is constituted by the employees on contract. The HR polices are more in tune to provide to the needs of permanent employees – whether it is with regard to the salary policies or the reward and recognition programmes held at the company, the contractual workforce are seldom considered to be a part of the proceedings. The constant differential treatment regardless of the performance of the contractual resource over a period of time leads to a dissatisfied workforce. With time, there will be a marked reduction in the productivity of the organization.
John Stacey Adams, a workplace and behavioural psychologist, put forward his Equity Theory on job motivation in 1963. There are similarities with Charles Handy's extension and interpretation of previous simpler theories of Maslow, Herzberg and other pioneers of workplace psychology, in that the theory acknowledges that subtle and variable factors affect each individual's assessment and perception of their relationship with their work, and thereby their employer. When people feel fairly or advantageously treated they are more likely to be motivated; when they feel unfairly treated, they are highly prone to feelings of disaffection and demotivation.
This study aims to understand the correlation between the treatment of the contractual resources and its impact on their performance.
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Shruthi Bekal, Dr. Uma Warrier. A study on the influence of perception of equity by contractual employees on their job satisfaction in the workplace. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(9):604-611.
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