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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 9, Part I (2017)

Innovative practices in teacher education

Asraful Mustafa Kamal
Teacher should translate the national goals into educational actions. He has to communicate to his pupils the importance of and the feeling for national integrity and utility; the need for a scientific attitude, a commitment to excellence in standards of work and action and concern for society. Nothing is more important in educating teachers than to make them imbibe the right attitudes and values, besides being proficient in the skills related to teaching. The minimum recruitment of any training programme is that it should enable the trainee to acquire the basic skills and competencies of a good teacher, such as, the capacity to manage a class with pupils of varying abilities: to communicate ideas logically and with clarity; to use the technology available to make teaching effective; to organize educative experience outside of class and to learn to work with the community and help the student do so. Some of the Important Innovations in Teacher Education are: Inter-disciplinary approach, Internship in teaching, Orientation courses (In-service programmes), Integrated courses, Correspondence and Distance Education, Teacher Behaviour Approach and modification of teacher behaviour, Simulated and Social Skill Teaching, Micro Teaching, Programmed Instruction, Group Training, Team Teaching, Educational Technology, Supervised Study, Action Research, Part-time Teaching, Bloom's Evaluation Approach and Objective-based Lesson Plans etc.
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