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Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part D (2018)

The ideology of socialism in Indian constitution

The ideology of socialism in Indian constitution

Dr. Priti Tiwary
Socialism is acknowledged as the cherished goal of Indian political system. Socialism lays emphasis on the welfare of the people, it seeks to give equality to the people and tries to remove exploitation of one class by the others and ensures economic and political equality to all. It has been held that not only political but economics and social democracy are equally essential for the development of the country. Under article 14 to 18 of Indian constitution right to equality is defined, in which all citizen are equal before law. On the basis of any caste, creed or religion nobody should be denied of his legal right, thus ensuring social equality. Untouchability was a curse on Indian Society, Which was abolished, practices of untouchability in any form was forbidden and made punishable. Title such as sir, khan sahib, etc was abolished. Private Banks were nationalized, PSUS were established. In other social reform, education was made free and compulsory up to the age of 14 to all. Steps were also taken for the benefit of backward classes, to bring justice and progress for them. It is so significant and imperative for the modern democratic polity that the Indian Constitution Despite being permeated with the spirit of socialism, necessitated the 42nd amendment in 1976 to get the word socialism inserted in the preamble of the constitution as the basic philosophy of the Indian Polity. This basic constitutional concept has added to give economic content to justice equality and fraternity and to affirm the resolve of non-discrimination on ground of religion. Social and economic justices are the pillars of socialism. That is why, the framers of our constitution have prescribed these fundamental principles in shape of directive principle of state policy in part 4th of our constitution to establish a welfare state based on the principles of socialism. The holy spirit of the socialism enshrined in our constitution need to be safeguarded by all of us, so that we can have all round progress with peace and harmony.
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