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Vol. 4, Issue 10, Part A (2018)

Elderly population

Elderly population

Pratibha Kumari
This study by Pratibha Kumari brings to Elderly population ageing is a major achievement of our times it presents major challenges for the world of work that need to be addressed. With 90 million persons over 60 years of age, India has the second largest population of older people in the world. Furthermore, between now and 2050 the Indian population over 60 years of age will almost quadruple. The low level of benefits and their limited coverage push large numbers of older people (particularly older women) to continue working in the informal economy. The combination of old-age, lack of access to decent work, poverty and exclusion is therefore of great concern. This India study discusses the main economic and labour market issues and implications related to population ageing in India.
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Pratibha Kumari. Elderly population. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(10):53-56.
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