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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 10, Part E (2018)

Corporate governance in India

Mansi Khanna
Corporate governance has succeeded in attracting a good deal of public interest because of its apparent importance for the economic health of corporations and society in general. It has been a central issue all over the world long before the recent corporate scandals in developed and developing countries. This gained much more importance due to economic liberalization and deregulation, as well as the demand for a new corporate ethics. Although relatively, a new concept was noticed, after Cadbury committee submitted its recommendations in 1992, but the concept of corporate governance In India had not been well – understood upto early 1990s. With the liberalization of the economy, several positive developments emerged on corporate governance front. Serious efforts have been made at overhauling the system with the SEBI instituting the clause 49 of Listing Agreements. Corporate governance is about adhering to values and ethics and providing structure as to how an organization is managed and maintaining transparency in conducting its affairs
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Mansi Khanna. Corporate governance in India. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(10):339-342.
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