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Vol. 4, Issue 11, Part B (2018)

Management of dual roles of women in information technology industry

Management of dual roles of women in information technology industry

Kumudwathi S and Sharadambi G
This article explores the role of information Technology in women empowerment. India has become a dominant player in the information technology industry globally. Information Technology industry is unique with regard to participation of women in the workforce. Every second fresh recruit in IT industry now is a woman. E-governance initiative of government has also opened an opportunity for women empowerment by increasing access to information for women. IT provides access to same information to women as it is available to men. This information flow is uncensored and without any distortions. The major players in IT industry are now offering an environment that will retain the talented women workforce. To develop women friendly work environment leading companies are now offering benefits like lactation centers, extra maternity leave, work from home policies, creches, and option to relocate to city of their choice in case of transfer of the husband. Not just a good human resource practice, but it has become a matter of survival for companies facing talent crunch. Gender diversity has become a business need. Educated Women have had significant breakthrough by breaking the traditional household, child rearing, socially oppressed life style, because of access to IT.
In India, entrepreneurship has traditionally been considered a male prerogative. Many women entered the world of business and they have become successful entrepreneurs in various business activities. These women entrepreneurs are assertive, persuasive and willing to take risks. Their relentless zeal, incessant quench for success and willingness to walk the extra mile has broken all myths about their inborn limitation. However, in the existing domestic and societal setup where, emphasis is more given to family and relationships, entrepreneurial women are overburdened and find it increasingly difficult to balance their work and life roles.
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Kumudwathi S, Sharadambi G. Management of dual roles of women in information technology industry. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(11):87-92.
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