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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 11, Part C (2018)

Reduplication as a word formation process in GÌDÍRὲ

Thaddeus Danquah Kokobina
The paper discussed Reduplication as a word formation process in Gìdírὲ. Gìdírὲ is one of the group of fourteen languages referred to as Ghana-Togo-Mountain (GTM) Languages. This Language is spoken in the Krachi East and Nkwanta South Districts in the Volta Region of Ghana. The language is also spoken in some parts of the Republic of Togo. The main objective of this paper was to investigate how words are derived in Gìdírὲ through reduplication. The instruments used in collecting data for the study were informal/unstructured/conversational interview and participant observation. Both primary and secondary data were used in the study. The technique used for analyzing data for this paper was based on the Item-and- Process (IP) model of the Struturalist’s Approach to Morphology. The study revealed that verbs, adverbs and adjectives could be reduplicated to derive new words in the language. It was further revealed that verbal reduplication in the language normally involves complete/full reduplication. Another notable revelation made in the study is that verbs are mostly reduplicated to indicate the frequency and repetition of an action, activity or an event. Reduplication of adjectives and adverbs on the other hand involve both partial and complete/full reduplication. Additionally, it was noted that adjectives are reduplicated to mark intensity of the quality expressed by the adjective while reduplicated adverbs indicate excessiveness. It was also evident that most of the stems that go through partial reduplication undergo some morpho-phonological processes.
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Thaddeus Danquah Kokobina. Reduplication as a word formation process in GÌDÍRὲ. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(11):144-150.
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