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Vol. 4, Issue 11, Part D (2018)

Individual differences and educational implications

Individual differences and educational implications

Dr. Kalpana Vajpeyi
Every person differs from every other person in some way, whether that difference is overt or covert. Individual differences are the terms used to describe these variations in people. As Skinner points out, Today, we consider individual differences to include any measurable component of the whole personality. Although students in our schools have a wide range of skills and interests, we frequently treat them equally. People vary from one another. In every way, a person is never the same as another. Each individual stands out from the others due to his unique characteristics. The educational system is severely hampered by these individual variances. We now all agree that students should receive an education that is tailored to their unique learning styles. The issues we now face are how to quantify aptitude and how to structure the educational system to account for individual aptitude variances. Children in a class or school come from practically every conceivable background, with varying status, ancestry, caste, etc. There has never been a restriction on who can enrol a student in a school in India. Anyone who can afford the tuition and other costs associated with an education is eligible for admission. More individual disparities are produced by this trend. As a result, the teacher must adapt his teaching strategies to the many kinds of learners he encounters in his class. This paper so sheds light on individual differences and educational attainment. In this way, the instructor can research individual characteristics and aid in a child's development at the highest possible level.
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Dr. Kalpana Vajpeyi. Individual differences and educational implications. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(11):271-275.
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