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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 11, Part D (2018)

A study on working culture and work stress among bank employees: A review

Uttam Kumar Purbey
Banking sector is one of the most powerful financial management agencies which have a major role in the economic growth of India. Each bank has its own culture, as every organization different in their culture. Organizational Culture includes everything that influences an employee in an organization. This may reflect in their stress levels, which may in turn reflect in the individual productivity as well as the organizational. In the literature, there were different studies of organizational culture and work stress among bank employees, but very few studies which tried to explore the relation between organizational culture and work stress in India especially in the state of India. In fact Organizational Climate represents the organizational environment as is perceived by the employees. Organizational climate can be a powerful strategically to an organization seeking a strategic advantage. It is a process which is very difficult for another organization to duplicate perhaps one of the most important and significant Characteristics of a great workplace is its organizational climate. Organizational climate, manifested in a variety of human resources practices, is an important predictor of organizational success. Customer satisfaction has become an important indication of climate inside banks. The enhancement and improvement of customer satisfaction will not depend on new incentives, schemes and organizational arrangements. Customers are rightly becoming more involved in their own required services. Presently customers are given a chance to voice their opinions about the eare they receive and it can be seen as per of a broad commitment to the enhancing of Organizational climate in bank.
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Uttam Kumar Purbey. A study on working culture and work stress among bank employees: A review. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(11):242-246.
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