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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part B (2018)

Distance education, as a supportive system for the late bloomers, dropouts and to the deprived: A conceptual view

Dr. Tania Sur Roy
Education today believes in freedom, spontaneity or self - prompted activity of the learners. More importance is laid on learning rather than on teaching. Teacher’s authoritarianism in education has been derecognized at present. Teaching aids and instruments, rather than the teacher is to teach. Modern educational technology has provided a wide and promising scope to teach with greater success in achievement. The educational environment has been according to the international level, making globalization of education possible.
In recent years, education has become more important than before in the civilized countries. It is observed today that education is designed to help not only children, but also the adult people whose education has been neglected in childhood and youth.
In our individual and social life, there has been a gradual realization that education is a life- long process and a recurring need of development. Individual and society are in the process of continuous development for greater and higher achievement of mankind. Formal education could not help to achieve such comprehensive need and goal of the millions of people outside the school. There is a system of education that needs to be developed in scope and flexible in its approach, to serve the growing needs of education for all.
At present, education is said to be indispensable for life and its development to every individual. Although, every individual cannot be physically brought to school for imparting education, owing to various reasons as such a system of non- formal education has been possible to set up in order to serve the need of education even to those that are living in the distant places. Modern development of educational technology has made it possible to bring useful education nearer to learner more conveniently. This education being free from all formalities of our traditional classroom education has emerged as a distance system of education.
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Dr. Tania Sur Roy. Distance education, as a supportive system for the late bloomers, dropouts and to the deprived: A conceptual view. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(2):95-98.
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