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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 3, Part D (2018)

Management of breast feeding problems at tertiary care hospital

Dr. Sukanya Seshasai and Dr. C Murali
Breast feedings the best feeding for the infant (3). The problems in Breast feeding is the main obstacle in growing infants (4). It improves their physical and mental health and creates healthy environment. At Chittoor District hospital with deliveries around 3600 in a year and has OPD patients of 150 to 250 cases per day. Among 1000 Lactating mothers in OP 354 had some lactation problems. Inadequate lactation leads to pregnancy within one year.
Out of 354 lactating mothers, 3 had suffered ectopic pregnancy, 7 Abortions in first trimester,2 Abortions in second trimester, 220 Soreness of nipple, 18 -Mastitis, 22 - Inverted nipple,40 cases of breast Engorgement, Axiliary breast engorgement in 15, Fungal infections of breast- 40, Oral thrush in babies- 18, Inadequate lactation -300, LSCS operated mothers had difficulty in latching and holding the babies 300 (5), Operations on the breast 4, Sinuses from the breast- 2, Pus discharge in 4, Axillary lymphadenitis- 2, Postural problems like backache-7,inadequate maternity leave leading to Breast feeding problems, like in Contract employees with one month leave,11, private employees with-3 months leave andn6 government employees with 6 months leave -10, Absence of permission once in two hours for breast feeding in 40, Absence of rooming in reported in 25, Absence of milk secretion in one breast in one case and both breasts secretion absent in 3, Taboos like denying the day time sleep, restricted water intake, avoiding food for mothers after sunset, restriction in intake of pulses, vegetables, dairy products and sweets in 300 lactating mothers, Gender bias feeding in10 cases, Psychosis of mother -7, Baby born to unwed and widowed mothers- 5, Baby problems like Cleft lip 10, Cleft palate 6, Cretinism- 2, Preterm -39, Sepsis-10, Neonatal jaundice -60, Birth asphyxia -70, Metabolic and electrolyte disturbances- 30, twins 20(6). Hbs Ag positive in the mother 60 cases, untreated HIV-7, HIV treated with ARV Therapy 8. Adequate medical care, support from the family and female welfare ministry, health education and avoiding formula feeds definitely promotes the breast feeding.
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Dr. Sukanya Seshasai, Dr. C Murali. Management of breast feeding problems at tertiary care hospital. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(3):262-264.
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