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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 5, Part D (2018)

Gender differences in the coping strategies of the elderly and their attitude towards old age

Dr. Priya Bir
Context: The elderly population needs constant interventions to make their lives better and k owing intricate details can improve quality of interventions provided.
Aims: The objective of this study was to know if there are statistically significant differences between the coping strategies used by male and female elderly and know if there was a significant (gender) difference between their attitudes towards old age.
Settings and Design: A sample of 300 people (147 males and 153 females, aged 60-80 years) was randomly selected from 3 localities of West Delhi. Inferential statistics using T test was conducted.
Methods and Material: Quantitative methodology was used for the purpose of this study. Two instruments- Coping strategies scale and attitude towards old age schedule were used to be filled by the participants.
Statistical analysis used: SPSS was used to conduct T test analysis to find significant differences.
Results: It was found that -the male elderly tend to use both confrontation and escape coping strategies more than females whereas the female elderly resort more to seeking interpersonal help as a coping strategy. Additionally, the female elderly have a more positive attitude towards old age as compared to the male elderly, thus indicating a significant difference.
Conclusions: Gender seems to impact the attitude elderly have towards old age. More specifically, older females have a more positive outlook than older males. In terms of coping too, the 2 groups differ on the strategies of escaping, confrontation and seeking interpersonal help, with females being more likely to seek help and males being more likely to engage in the other two.
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Dr. Priya Bir. Gender differences in the coping strategies of the elderly and their attitude towards old age. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(5):257-260.
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