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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 5, Part G (2018)

Physical and anthropometric characteristics of national level male runners of kho-kho game

Sarita Tyagi, Anil Vanaik and Ashwani Kumar
The present study was an attempt to appraise the physical and anthropometric characteristics of the National level male Runners in the game of Kho Kho. A total of 100 players ranged between 17 to 21 years who were playing regularly as runners for a couple of years were selected randomly from Kho-Kho training centers in different areas of Delhi and Haryana. Mean and standard deviation of the measurements taken were computed. The physical features studied included body weight, height and BMI was calculated. Other anthropometric measurements taken were girth measurements of chest, thigh and calf; length measurements like Arm length, sitting height and skinfold measurements including biceps, triceps, subscapular and suprailliac skinfolds. From the measurements of skinfolds, body fat percent was calculated. Flexible metal tape was used to measure circumferences and arm length, Stadiometer was used to measure height and sitting height and weighing scale was used to measure weight. The skinfold measurements were taken using a skinfold caliper and Body Fat Percentage computed. Mean and standard deviation were used as descriptive statistics. Mean height of the respondents was 168.88+6.31 cm and mean weight was 55.95+7.51 kg. The mean BMI was 19.61+ 2.35744. The body fat percentage was found to be 10.9210+1.86. It was found that mean value of chest circumference was 84.8889+5.08 cm, calf circumference was 32.46 + 2.73 cm and that of thigh circumference was 48.02 + 4.76 cm. The mean values of arm length and sitting height were 77.08+2.54 cm and 92.8886+3.47 cm respectively. These measurements could be used as a reference for assortment and selection of runners in the field of Kho-Kho.
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Sarita Tyagi, Anil Vanaik, Ashwani Kumar. Physical and anthropometric characteristics of national level male runners of kho-kho game. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(5):490-492.
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