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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 7, Part D (2018)

Comparison of hardiness and perfectionism in addicted and normal people

Parisa Bahadori, Dr. Davood Taghvaee and Dr. Atoosa Bahadori
Drug use is one of the factors that directly and indirectly disrupts the order and security of the community; it has individually and socially a profound impact on the legal, social, biological and financial in the world. In addition, it affects indirectly millions. So drug use is one of the major barriers to the development of societies. There is connection of drug use and addictive behaviors to other social problems and social deviations such as domestic violence, child abuse, divorce and infectious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis, and young people involve more than the other sectors, make a problem for them. According to the researchers, among the variables that can be effective in drug abuse, there are two psychological characteristics of perfectionism and hardiness. In general, these two features have been considered clinically and personally psychologically since two decades ago. According to the articles, the focus of this study is that the two personality features of perfectionism and hardiness in two groups of addicted and ordinary people will be compared. This research will be applied in terms of purpose and in the causal-comparative method, the information of the community was studied using two standard questionnaire of perfectionism of Hill and colleagues (2004) and the hardiness questionnaire of Kobasa et al. (1979), which was previously valid and reliable It has been approved, collected and analyzed. The statistical population of this study included all male addicts and their companions (who were not addicted to them) who were referred to Arak withdrawal treatment centers, which 180 were selected through available sampling method and in two The group was addicted and the normal people. The results of the hypothesis test showed a significant difference between perfectionism and its components and hardiness and its components in two groups of addicted and normal people in Arak, indicating that addicted people had less positive perfectionism than normal people ;And more negative perfectionism.
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Parisa Bahadori, Dr. Davood Taghvaee, Dr. Atoosa Bahadori. Comparison of hardiness and perfectionism in addicted and normal people. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(7):246-250.
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